Almost There

Time is up. Tuesday at noon I check in to labor and delivery for an induction. To say I am relieved is an understatement. I love carrying ┬áthis precious girl but she has ran out of room and my heart seems to be very irritated by her presence so it is officially eviction time. I … Continue reading

And Then Life Happened

My life has exploded all over the bathroom wall since I last posted. I’m tired and feel like poo so here is the wrap up… in bullet form. *Saturday at 11pm I completely cleaned out our fridge and reorganized all its contents (completely irrelevant but man my fridge looks good) *Sunday at 4 am got … Continue reading

Crazy Ramblings of a Hormone Crazed Woman

So many things are running through my mind right now. I am 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow, officially “full term” (although I definitely want her to hang in to as close as her due date as possible). I have really given little thought to giving birth again… until now. I had been coasting by on the … Continue reading

Jam Session

One of my favorite things about my boy is he definitely inherited his parents affinity for music. He carries his guitar around all day sometimes and makes up songs for us. I love this video my husband grabbed on his phone. Ignore the mess in the background, this is taken in our still-in-progress basement family/media … Continue reading


Tomorrow is St. Patty’s Day and it is somewhat of an emotional anniversary for me. It was St. Patrick’s Day 2006 when I had my first very major heart episode caused by the dysautonomia. Of course then we had no idea what was going on (and wouldn’t for quite some time) but I knew my … Continue reading

I Love to Shop.

These are all the baby clothes I have purchased since I found out we were having a girl. (Which has been exactly 13 days)   Can you tell I am excited to have a little girl to shop for? Now, there is a lot more pink in there than I would normally pick. Anyone who … Continue reading


I am halfway to the finish line! Here is a twenty week shot of our little lady.   Thanks Kristin for grabbing this shot with my camera. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Good Reality TV Alert

So there is a new show premiering tonight on Lifetime called “One Born Every Minute” . It chronicles life in the maternity ward at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, OH. This is exciting to me because that is where I delivered Roland and I will deliver this baby there as well. Actually my OB is … Continue reading

Christmas Around the House

Merry Christmas eve! I cannot believe we are at this point in the year again. This Christmas I feel more blessed than ever but I have struggled to find the spirit this year. I love Christmas time, I wait impatiently all year to pull out the many big plastic bins of wreaths and ornaments and … Continue reading