Can you go almo…

Can you go almost a year without posting and then pick it up again? I purchased my domain name so maybe I will be more dedicated to it this time (probably not). By the way, my new blog address is MuseOddity (dot) com

Cambria will be 10 months this Saturday! I know everyone says the infancy stage goes by so fast but you guys… the infancy stage goes by so fast! She is letting go of us and standing on her own, she hates crawling but is wicked fast at this little side winding scoot she developed awhile back, she went on a formula strike and is loving that we gave into her demands for whole milk, she has crystal blue eyes and blonde wispy hair, and… she stole my heart. 


Nothing But Blue Eyes

Roland is… awesome. He is the coolest little kid. Curt and I bow down to his awesomeness and know we will never be as cool as he already is. He is obsessed with music and firefighters. He talks a mile a minute and his stories and made up songs never cease to entertain us. He is my magical little mood lifter I get to spend each and every day with.


Did I mention he loves to vacuum?

And the two of them together? It is like a dream.


They love each other!

And my body? I am still trying to whip it into submission. The good news is I have not been back in the hospital since I had Cambria (woot!). I have actually had some better, higher functioning times. I am active in my (awesome) church and I am SINGING again!! But I still have really hard times. Last week was awesome, I was able to be more physically active than I have been since 2009. This week is the polar opposite. Both Monday and today I had to have help with the kids while Curt works and right now it is all I can do to sit up and type this. But the good days seem to finally outweigh the bad ones and that is all I have prayed for for so long. I am so thankful.

Any bets on how long it will take me to post again after this?


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