Almost There

Time is up. Tuesday at noon I check in to labor and delivery for an induction. To say I am relieved is an understatement. I love carrying  this precious girl but she has ran out of room and my heart seems to be very irritated by her presence so it is officially eviction time. I am 39 weeks (at my last ob appointment my due date was officially moved from the 26th to the 21st as my OB and I had long discussed). Truthfully I wanted so badly to try to go into labor on my own this time (I was induced at 39 weeks with Roland too) , something about the excitement of figuring out if it is “time” and getting to labor some at home before heading in. I am totally fine at this point with an induction just as long as baby girl gets here safely and my heart holds up too. Plus since they are predicting her to be on the large side I want to have her before they say she is too big and her size warrants a c-section.

I would normally be running around the house in a flurry of activity this morning trying to do last minuite cleaning, cooking, packing, etc… This time I am not allowed to be on my feet more than absolutely necessary. Do you know my heart flipped out AGAIN! Saturday morning and I had to take ANOTHER squad ride? They already had in my order for admission to ICU again and it looked like I was going to have to relive the same nightmare I had lived just a week prior. My heart rhythm ended up converting before they could get me to ICU so they held me for observation instead and eventually discharged me!!!!!! I can’t tell you how happy this made me. Plus Saturday was supposed to be my day of pampering and even though I missed my hair appointment I was able to reschedule my mani/pedi and even thought I showed up tired, looking gross with hospital adhesive and patches all over me, I made it and it was great.

I have so many pictures to show you but I am way behind on editing so those will have to wait. For now I just want to let you know that all the messages I got of encouragement , positive thoughts, prayers, … I cannot tell you how much they mean to me.  

So, ways I need your prayers and positive thoughts right now…

* That I can continue to make it until Tuesday’s appointment with no further episodes of atrial fibrillation (or any other major health scares)

*That my body, specifically my heart , will handle labor well. They are inducing me and I will deliver naturally unless an emergency arises and a c-section becomes needed. In the end the c-section recovery would likely cause more problems for me so it is a last resort. However, all the strain and adrenaline of labor makes it very possible that my heart will go out of rhytm and I know my cardiology team is working with my OB team to be a part of labor. I don’t know what the plan is if this happens, just that cardiology will be there while I deliver.

Hopefully next time I check in here will be to announce the birth of our baby girl. We are holding out on the name until she is born but I will give you a hint: Curt and I love music, music inspires us and influences nearly every ascpect of our lives… her name is no exception.

Again, I love you guys for supporting me, you all rock!! Here’s to one kickin’ and safe and healthy delivery, cheers!


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