And Then Life Happened

My life has exploded all over the bathroom wall since I last posted. I’m tired and feel like poo so here is the wrap up… in bullet form.

*Saturday at 11pm I completely cleaned out our fridge and reorganized all its contents (completely irrelevant but man my fridge looks good)

*Sunday at 4 am got up from bed to go to bathroom, laid back down, felt heart palpitations, sat up after they persisted for several seconds, checked pulse, realized pulse was a chaotic mess that could not possibly be counted.

*Woke my hubby, made him check my pulse while he was still mostly asleep, he concurred it was jacked up, made the decision to call 911 since I am responsible for other life growing in my belly.

*Hooked up to heart monitor in living room, screen flashes 210 (beats per minute), EMT asks which hospital we are going to.

* Take my first ambulance ride, EMT asks what my previous all time heart rate was. I respond 228, he informs me we have shattered that record with an unbelievable 247. They give me iv meds, they do nothing, I am pretty sure I saw the monitor in the 250’s before reaching the hospital.

* After arriving at ER they determine I am in atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response. I stay this way for about the next TWELVE FREAKING HOURS. They pushed soooo much medicine in my iv’s (yes I had multiple iv’s) and my heart rate was barely hanging out below 200… then eventually it got to the 140’s.

*They discuss emergency c-section and then shocking my heart. I am too out of it to process any of it (but still manage to update Facebook several times, it is an instant virtual prayer chain).

*I am given iv pain med for unrelated reason, within 10 seconds my heart rate drops to 100 and I spontaneously convert back to a normal sinus rhythm.

*Diluadid really does cure everything.

*Stay in ICU a couple days, have ultrasound, find out baby is estimated to be 9lbs 9 oz plus or minus 10%.

*I freak out more about the size of baby than the condition of my heart.

*Had OB appointment today. Find out this Tuesday is D day unless I go sooner on my own.

*Again, I freak out.

* I slowly filter through the events of the last few days and am left with a mixture of thankfulness, anticipation, with a pinch of anxiety thrown in (no one can tell me this won’t happen to my heart again, in fact the cardiologist said at some point it probably will).

*Appreciate my decision to live for Christ. You may not think this is an intelligent decision for a science loving fool such as myself… when you are riding in a squad quite unsure if you will ever see your babies and family again you can tell me your opinion on the matter.

*The End.


2 thoughts on “And Then Life Happened

  1. Jennifer….been thinking of/praying for you since Sunday–and I was glad you were doing those FB updates, BTW. : )

    Wow…baby girl is gonna be a beautiful, healthy girl, and her mama is gonna be OK b/c God is faithful!!

    Know that none of these recent developments have taken God by surprise. He’s got this already…..

    Looking forward to “meeting” that sweet baby girl. She could not POSSIBLY look any more like you than Roland does!! He is just so handsome!!!

    Much love, thoughts & prayers,
    Mama Wolf : )

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