Health Update

These past several weeks have been challenging, the strangest combination of sensations…like being caught in a tidal wave but also seeing things move in slow motion all at once. I did, thankfully, get cardiac clearance for surgery so I had my gallbladder removed last Tuesday. I cannot believe I am a week post-op already! Surgery went without a hitch, we were all a little nervous about how my blood pressure and heart rate would react to two hours of general anesthesia but everything stayed very stable. I definitely woke up in a good amount of pain but that is to be expected. The worst thing is the carbon dioxide trapped in your abdomen. When they do laparoscopic surgery they inflate your abdomen with carbon dioxide gas. This causes the spaces between your organs to increase giving the surgeon a clear view and room to move the instruments around. They close you back up with the gas still in there so it has to slowly be reabsorbed into your intestines. This takes several days and it is pretty miserable in the mean time. Overall the pain was totally manageable with meds and except for the first night post-op (when I didn’t sleep a wink)  the days after surgery consisted of me napping as needed and lounging on the couch watching movies with my boys.  Now we are in a waiting game. The most bothersome symptoms (far beyond the discomfort of the gallbladder) the past several weeks have been the trouble with my heart rhythm. I am so sick of my heart rate taking off out of nowhere and all the symptoms that come with that. I vomit, break into a cold sweat, get blurry vision and a pounding headache, and inevitably pass out unless I lay down before it happens. It takes hours for me to even begin to feel straight after one of these episodes and they have happened so often it has taken over my life. My doctors think the stress my body was under with the bad gallbladder was antagonizing the whole autonomic nervous system which is responsible for these attacks. I was having attacks daily, sometimes several times a day. Since surgery I have had one attack in one week. I hope this is a good omen! I saw my cardiologist yesterday and he assured me he thought these problems would continue to settle down over time. My EKG is still showing abnormalities but the doc isn’t too worried. I am, however, going back on a 21 day cardiac even monitor starting tomorrow so we can get a clearer picture of what is going on with my heart rhythm around the clock. It is so comforting wearing the monitor because I don’t have to wonder every time my heart flip-flops if it is going to change into a dangerous rhythm. If it is dangerous the heart monitor sounds an alarm and the monitoring company calls me to give me further instructions. Let me be clear, at this point we have no reason to believe that any of my arrhythmias are anything other than totally benign but when your heart is beating upwards of 200 beats a minute and “skipping” beats it is nice to have a little reassurance!

Good news is I was able to care for Roland all by myself today while Curt was at work for the first time in nearly two months! I am exhausted but it went well and I LOVED being able to spend time with my little man without having to share him with anyone. Things are definitely on the up-swing but I have to be patient and not get frustrated when it seems like I am having a setback.

In other good news, we are remodeling part of our basement. The basement is partially (very roughly) finished and we are turning half of it into a media/family room with an adjacent toy room. Curt painted the toy room and tore out the drop ceiling in the family room to give taller ceilings. We are actually painting the ceiling black, think industrial loft look. We have an exposed brick wall in the room too so I think it will all come together. We had already got a great deal on a blue ray disc player a few weeks ago and we ordered a tv this morning. This is a vision we have had since the first time we looked at the house and we have been eager to start it since we moved in. Keep in mind we are new homeowners so this is our very first major project, we’ll see how it turns out! I cannot wait to have all the extra space because we have a small house.

Well, totally boring post but I have no whit when I am this run down. I cannot thank you enough for all your prayers and positive thoughts. They have carried me through, keep ’em coming! I am sure not everyone reading this believes in God but let me tell you, I give Him all the glory for bringing me through this and I praise Him in advance for my continued healing. A big hug and kiss to you all!

*** Before I could even publish this post I had another episode with my heart so that brings the tally to two in one week. Still much better than prior to surgery.


One thought on “Health Update

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and getting to enjoy Roland agian! Those messy, rowdy, etc., etc., etc., little boys always have a way of making their mommies feel better don’t they?

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