For Those Who Have Been Wondering…

I DO NOT want this blog to end up being about my health issues but I do find it the easiest way to update people on my situation since I have been asking for prayers. I have been feeling very sick the past several weeks. I started out with classical gallbladder symptoms but they have progressed to the point of only being able to eat a handful of bland food a day. I failed a gallbladder function test and saw a surgeon yesterday. He suggested it needs to come out soon, maybe next week. If only it were that simple! I have a couple other chronic health issues as well. I have neurocardiogenic syncope, sinus tachycardia, and after Roland was born I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis. These conditions have been in total overdrive and have worsened as I have become increasingly ill. I faint nearly everyday (at least once!) so my dad has been to our house almost daily to help with Roland while Curt is at work. I am terrified of fainting and Roland injuring himself while I’m “out”.

Anyway, several people seem to think that my other problems are being exasperated by the gallbladder issues and I would agree this seems to be the case. I was told by the surgeon’s nurse I would need cardiac clearance before I could undergo surgery. I set out to get that today but instead ended up having an abnormal EkG and told I cannot have surgery until several other tests are performed and results are analyzed. Here is what this weeks schedule is like:

Monday morning I saw a doctor who graciously gave me a second opinion on the situation. Monday afternoon I saw the surgeon. Monday night I had a special type of MRI at the hospital to check out my gallbladder/liver/pancreas.

Tuesday morning I met the new cardiologist and found out about the abnormal EKG and scheduled a lot of tests.

Wednesday morning I have a gallbladder ultrasound at the hospital.

Thursday morning I see my arthritis doctor at 9:00am and at 11am I start a nuclear cardiac stress test. Sometime in between parts of the stress test I am also having an echocardiogram done.

Next Tuesday I am supposed to have gallbladder surgery but the cardiologist will not give me the OK for that until these test results are in. Depending on the results of the stress test I may also be having a heart cath. Crossing my fingers that is not the case. The things is…the surgeon said my gallbladder is not working AT ALL so eventually I will get to the point of not even being able to drink water without major discomfort. So folks, I need this surgery to happen!

I am miserable and I am stressed but I am not without hope. God has provided healing in my body time and time again. He has surrounded me with a family that is more precious than gold. My husband adores me and he is working all day and doing dishes, laundry, and giving Roland baths at night. My dad has literally been here nearly everyday while Curt is at work and my mom joins him whenever she is not taking care of her sister Sarah. An aunt in Michigan has me on their church prayer chain and my dad’s sister is always sending me her well wishes.My in laws are praying and my mother in law is always offering me her support.  And then there is Roland, sweet and precious Roland… he wraps his arms around me and pats me on the back. As a tear rolls down my cheek he stands on his tiptoes to give me a sloberry kiss straight on the mouth. He cries and is restless when I am laying on the couch sick and unable to move. He is the single best medicine I have in my arsenal. Oh yeah, and Trader Joe’s chicken noodle soup! It tastes great and I can tolerate it in small amounts. It gives me much needed energy and nutrients and I LOVE it!

So… that’s it in a nutshell. Please, no sympathy, just prayers…lots and lots of prayers!!!


8 thoughts on “For Those Who Have Been Wondering…

  1. Will be praying for you Jen! I know how frustrating it is to not be able to eat. Will be praying that you are clear for surgery on Tues. Hang in there!

  2. i did the gall bladder thing serveral years ago, and i know the frustration of pain after eating. god bless you and your family. you are in my prayers!

  3. I’m always praying for you, and I love you bunches! I really wish we were closer so I could be there with you for all this 😦 If you need anything at all, please call me.

  4. God is an amazing God, Healer, Father-I am praying for you Jen. I am happy to see you blogging-with all of your health issues…you are a God send. You have the most amazing attitude towards life and just normal day to day things. I am so blessed to have you in my life =) Much love! Muah!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I noticed you said you have ankylosing spondylitis and it caught my attention as my father has that, it is fairly uncommon i think. Also, I will be praying for you to have peace and for healing. My sister also has multiple health issues and recently had her gall bladder out. I will direct her to your blog… Blessings, Jenna

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