Meet the Family Part 1: Unexpected

I want to introduce you to my son and tell the story of his birth but the story starts long before he entered our lives.  In 2002 my husband and I were 9 months married and just ready to begin our senior years of college.  My period was a week late but I was on birth control so I was not that concerned. At almost two weeks late I took a pregnancy test, negative. A few days later I was killing time at WalMart while getting my car oil changed. While munching on a stale “soft” pretzel in their cafe I decided I should pick up another pregnancy test just to be sure. After purchasing it my car still was not ready and since I have the patience of a toddler I decided to pee on it in the WalMart bathroom. I waited the three eternal minutes and there was only one pink line so I went to toss it in the sanitary napkin receptacle in the stall. Just as the test slipped out of my hand I thought I caught a glimpse of a second, very faint, pink line. Holding the test up in the air and squinting at the faintest line I have ever seen I cursed myself for being cheap and buying the three dollar Equate brand test. It seemed inconclusive to me so I yanked up my pants and scurried off to the family planning isle to buy a better quality test. Sweating bullets I hurried through the cashier lane and back to the same bathroom stall praying that I had enough pee left in me for the second round. Three minutes later I saw two very dark pink lines forming a plus sign in the little window. And that folks is how I found out I was pregnant with our first child.

The stupid oil change still wasn’t finished so I brainstormed on how to creatively tell my hubby we had a HUGE surprise on the way. As I stood in the baby section looking at rattles I suddenly burst into tears and the sweetest WalMart employee ever asked if I was ok. I gushed to the elderly lady I had just found out I was pregnant and wanted to buy a small baby item as a means of telling my husband the news. She literally put her arm around me and helped me pick out the softest rattle with a small terry cloth bear on it. Finally I got my car and headed to campus to wait for my hubby to get out of class. I found his car in the student lot and waited on the hood, soaking up the August sun and trying to process the biggest news of my life. He was surprised I was waiting and I handed him the rattle right there in the parking lot telling him I had some really big news. Disbelief and confusion washed over his face and we embraced as I sobbed happy tears into his shoulder. We were two poor college students but we had supportive families, we knew we would somehow make this work. Little did we know finances would be the furtherst thing from our minds as the events of the next four months unfolded…to be continued.


6 thoughts on “Meet the Family Part 1: Unexpected

  1. This is what blogging is all about. Getting our stories out either good or bad so that we are able to maybe touch others who may be dealing with the same heartache and/or joy. I’m really enjoying your writing. Blog on my friend:)

  2. You are doing a great job in painting the picture for us! Even though you’ve told me this before, I feel like I’m hearing it again for the first time, I can’t wait to read more about all your life experiences!

  3. That first confirmation of pregnancy is scary, even when you’re hoping for a positive result. Best of luck on a wonderful adventure. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

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